Happenin Times

Okay you loyal fans out there, I’m sorry to have left you hanging by not posting for ages. (At this point, if I’ve retained one reader I’ll be happy!)

Anyway, news: I’m starting an Artist’s Community and Photo Studio in Montreal (assuming I can get all of the necessary paperwork and registrations).

The gist is this: affordable photo studio for rent + artists’ shared studio space all in one place where people can mix and mingle and see what others are working on. It’s going to be a space for collaboration between many different types of artists, and I hope we will eventually be able to open a gallery. At the moment, I’m seriously considering a space in the RCA building in St. Henri.

Primarily, the space will be a fully-equipped photo studio for monthly or hourly rent as well as a community resource for artists and studio/work/storage space for rent. We also hope to have room for workshops, etc in addition to a reference/lounge area. The whole idea of the community is to promote cooperation and collaboration between different artistic fields & to put artists in touch with each other while simultaneously promoting their work through exhibitions and (eventually) a small publication.

A few examples of services we’d offer:

Available for rent:
Photo studio
Office/work space
Event/exhibition space
Storage for equipment

Network of artists
Models/ make-up artists for Photographers
Promotion of your work
Study/Lounge Space
Reference Material
Anything else we can think of…

So there you have it, the reason (or one of) why I haven’t been updating my blog! Anyway, if you want to stay updated on my progress with this project, join the mailing list!

Join the Movement

So one of the many things I’ve been doing here in chilly-but-sunny Montreal is acting as promo-girl and photographer for Movement Travel, a nightlife electronic tour company started by my friends Zeina and Michael (pictured at left).

You can see some of the pics taken in the gallery below. These pictures are from Feb 19th, one of our largest tours so far! The company was officially launched late last year (yes, during the winter!) and began collaborating with Montreal Central, providing their guests with weekly Thursday tours. We are now working Saturday nights with the largest hostel in the city – Hosteling International Montreal, with plans to expand to other hotels and guest services in the city. We also are looking at the possibility of daytime themed tours. So, why start a company in the wintertime that depends on tourists for business? Well, Zeina and Michael explained that it is the best time to hone your business and figure out exactly what your clients want and need. By the time summer comes around, we’ll be ready to handle very large groups, and will have the routine down-pat. I know I’m excited about the summer!