[travelthursday] This town called Burlington

A week or so ago, I visited beautiful Burlington, VT right alongside Lake Champlain. I didn’t realize this, but apparently Burlington has been suffering from massive amounts of flooding lately. Due to the snow melt and a ton of rain, Lake Champlain has gotten up to 3 feet over its normal level, flooding neighborhoods, the beaches, bike paths, piers, et al. I have some pictures below of the flooding – there is actually a couple kayaking through a neighborhood right next to the Winooski River.

Luckily, my one day stop in Burlington happened on a beautiful sunny day – one of the first of the season according to my host, Nathan (who I found through Airbnb btw). He handed me a touristy map and explained that there is a ten mile long bike route that encircles the downtown Burlington area. “I think some of the path is swamped because of the flooding, though,” he said, mentioning that every one of Lake Champlain’s Burlington beaches was underwater as well. “The New York side of the lake is on much higher ground, so they didn’t get the worst of it.”

So I headed down to Ski Rack in the downtown area and rented a bike. Next time I think I’ll rent a kayak. Check out my pics below of the bike tour I took until the water level forced me to turn around. I also took a quick peak at Church Street, Burlington’s pedestrian shopping/dining street that was lined with food carts, souvenir booths, and musicians busking for money.

On my next trip, I hope to find somewhere to take sailing lessons!

[musicmonday] Hidden Gems

In keeping with my new Music Monday trend (of writing the blog an hour into Tuesday and then pre-dating it), I thought I’d share with you this amazing store I happened upon today in Burlington, VT.

Located just off Burlington’s beautiful Church Street in the picturesque downtown area, Burlington Records is no doubt a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

According to their website, “Burlington Records is a community of area collectors of vinyl records, music memorabilia, and equipment founded on the belief that great music exists in all genres from classical to punk to hip-hop, folk, rock and everything in between.

I have to say, when I spotted the sign a few steps from Burlington’s famous pedestrian street, I expected an independent music store that sold slightly obscure albums from Indy and local bands in addition to more popular ones. I found instead – to my delight – a narrow space chock full of…records. Who woulda thunk it? This store was crammed wall to wall with rare LPs, 45s, CDs, and hard-to-find posters from bands and artists both new and old. To my dismay, I was unable to spend more than a quarter of an hour there because of my schedule (always on the go, eh?), but I have plans to return on my next trip to Burlington! Check out a couple posters that struck my fancy below.

Read more about Burlington Records here.

What’s your favorite hidden music store? Leave a note in the comments!